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10 tips for a strong LinkedIn profile


Tip 1. Make use of a professional profile picture

The first impression on LinkedIn is your profile picture. A first impression can only be made once and is therefore very important. The most important points for a good profile picture:

  • for Business
  • recognizable
  • laughing

When you smile you look easily approachable. Handy for LinkedIn because you may be approached for that dream job you always wanted.


Tip 2. The headline, make use of it

LinkedIn users will see your headline first (next to your profile picture). Including potential employees or clients. Use this headline for what you do, what you want to do or if you are looking for a job.


Tip 3. Your summary is your pitch

After seeing your profile picture and / or catchy headline, the LinkedIn user will go to your summary. The summary boils down to an extended version of your header. Use the following rule of thumb for the summary:

Paragraph 1: Description of your course (area)

Paragraph 2: Description of your skills and knowledge

Paragraph 3: Description of your personal competences


Tip 4. Use a personal URL

Why do I need to change my URL? The simplified URL looks more professional. In addition, it increases your findability via search engines. This strengthens your personal branding. But how do you set up your personal URL?

  • Profile> Edit Profile;
  • Then click on the cog next to the URL below your profile picture;
  • On the right side of your profile you will now see the option to edit your URL;
  • Then enter the desired URL and click “Save”.

Note: When setting your personal URL:

first come, first served. So it is possible that the desired URL is occupied, in that case you have to choose another URL.


Tip 5. It is important to mention all your employers and schools

All your training and work experiences are important and relevant to mention on your profile page. That one work or client can make the choice between another and you by means of precisely that competence and / or experience.


Tip 6. Have a profile that is up to date

Update your profile. Think of a new job, an education or a course that you have successfully completed. All connections see this update, can respond to it or find the update interesting. This will also return your profile to other LinkedIn users. Are you still satisfied with your profile picture? Or is it time for a new one? Change your headline once in a while and respond to your responses.


Tip 7. Add your skills

You can add up to 50 skills to your profile. Post relevant and serious skills here. (Ex) colleagues, friends or other connections can then subscribe to these skills. The first skills shown are those most endorsed.


Tip 8. Recommendations

Recommendations are valuable on your profile. People you have worked with can give you a recommendation. In fact, you are selling a colleague to a potential employer. A recommendation is good for your profile. Therefore, recommend people regularly, but make sure you know this person well and that the recommendation is genuine.


Tip 9. Make sure you are actively online

It is enough to actively post relevant information twice a week. This includes articles, news items and information that is relevant to the industry in which you operate. An original contribution written by yourself also works well.


Tip 10. No anonymous profile

Make sure people can see you on LinkedIn. When people see that you have viewed their profile, this ensures that the person concerned also views your profile faster. Because let’s be honest, what is the use of a network platform if you use it anonymously?






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