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You can find all our vacancies on the “Vacancies” page. You can respond directly to a vacancy. A Recruiter checks whether you are suitable for the vacancy based on your experience and education.

Have you not found the right vacancy yet? Then contact us via the contact form on the right side of this page. You will receive a response from us within two working days.

You can expect a response from us within two business days. Are you already registered with iPS? Then we can quickly assess whether or not you are eligible for the desired vacancy. Not registered yet? This is possible via the “Register” page.

In the login screen, click on ‘forgot password’ to request a new password and / or username. Having problems? Send an email or call your regular contact person at iPS Select.

After submitting your hourly claim, iPS Select transfers your salary. The processing of your hourly claim depends on the agreements with client you are working. Once your claim has been processed, your salary will, in principle, be credited to your bank account within two business days.

At the end of January you will receive an annual statement from iPS Select. This annual statement is important for the possible completion of a tax return. If you have worked briefly in the past year – for example, only during the holiday period – you are often entitled to a refund of premiums and wage tax.

No, our services are paid by the client. So you pay nothing for our service.

There is no legal regulation for travel allowances. An employer is therefore not obliged to reimburse your travel expenses. Whether or not you receive a travel allowance and how high, that depends on the company where you are deployed. Of course the travel costs are always discussed and agreed with you in advance, so that you know exactly where you stand

Yes, but only if you have given permission. iPS Select may only request information that is directly related to the function. No infringement of your personal circumstances may be made. For example, questions about absenteeism are not permitted. If you ask for it, iPS Select must inform you about the information received from your previous employers.

As an employer, iPS Select is required to be in possession of a copy of a valid proof of identity of all employees and temporary workers. At our office we will check your identity document and scan it during your registration. Proof of identity is only a passport or an ID card. A driver’s license does not count as proof of identity. If your proof of identity expires in the short term, you must replace it before you start working. We cannot send you without a valid proof of identity. So don’t forget to bring your proof of identity.

iPS Select handles your personal information very strictly. Your data is processed in a system at the locations and used exclusively by them. We never provide data to third parties without permission. Read more about iPS Select’s privacy policy at the bottom of the page. 

iPS Select is obliged to comply with Dutch AVG and European GDPR legislation. All your rights and our duties as described in this legislation apply.


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